Why Kitset Sheds

Our buildings are high end and great value assets

Our sheds are high quality buildings and are the best value garages and sheds for sale throughout New Zealand.

At Kitset Sheds Ltd the person who sells the shed or garage also designs and orders the building, this eliminates potential mistakes and creates the necessary personal touch and accountability large franchise systems lack.

Our in-house approach means that our sheds have evolved to be builder friendly, stronger and better looking. With simpler plans and building techniques our system continuously evolves because the people who design the sheds also build them. This means we can improve the building techniques and components easily. Our reputation is paramount so quality materials and attention to details is what we are all about. Remember a shed or garage will add value to your main investment, your property, so don’t cut corners. We can custom build garages sheds and commercial units, with stud heights up to 6 meters and spans up to 28 meters wide. Our shed dimensions correspond with the cladding profile this ensures a rib at both ends of each wall providing a pair of ribs for the corner flashing’s to fit snugly over providing a proper weather seal. Our buildings look better, go up faster and have less wasted materials than other systems.

Made in New Zealand

The framing material used is heavy gauge cold rolled C shaped HST purlin that has been pre-cut with bolt holes punched for easy assembly and accuracy. Because of the thicker gauge we can use heavier frame screws and the results are stronger buildings that don’t wobble in the wind. We use only quality components such as laser cut CNC folded brackets.We use the highest grade cladding screws so that paint does not come off when installing and the cladding. The cladding is 0.4mm thick, be warned some companies cladding is only 0.3mm thick and can easily be torn with your bare hands meaning their sheds and garages are un secure.

We are fully set up with our own gear including laser equipped diggers, concrete cutters, scaffolding, specialized equipment and power tools to do the job right and on time (note we always use professionals to place concrete, deliver the kit and lift the frames).

Buy New Zealand designed and made! We build and supply New Zealand designed and made sheds.