Steel v Timber

Steel sheds v Timber sheds

Are steel sheds better than Timber pole sheds?

Steel sheds are the norm in NZ

Steel buildings are becoming the norm now days from garages, sheds, barns, commercial buildings and workshops.Galvanized coil is roll formed into accurate lightweight framing materials or pre painted for cladding sheets.

Timber is being replaced with steel due to its low weight and production costs.though will always have its place in the building industry.

You Decide – Steel Frame or Timber Frame ?




Easy to keep clean   Spiders like gaps and crevices to lay eggs
Accurate to 1-3mm – looks very sharp   Accurate to 5-15mm – looks alright
Pre cut with holes punched – fast build time   Measuring and cutting on site – slow build
Light – one man can lift most parts by himself   Heavy – most parts need 2 men to lift + place
Indefinitely straight steel from day one   Wood – still drying shrinks expands and swells
Reflective galvanised metal – better light inside   Darker – tanalised wood absorbs the light
Spans greater distances   Limited clear span capabilities
Recyclable & Relocatable   Use once
Doesn’t rot   Ants, borer, spiders, mason bees
Incombustible   Combustible
Steel is many time stronger than wood   Wood breaks suddenly
Frames can be pre punched for wiring   Frames need to be drilled for wiring
Steel has better track record in earthquakes   Wood fails catastrophically


Steel shed building kits cut to length with holes punched

For steel sheds and barns call Kitset Sheds Ltd

We obviously believe that steel frame buildings are superior to timber and the labour cost to construct steel buildings is considerably less contributing to better overall prices.

  • Strong
  • Light
  • Straight
  • Fast