Sleepouts add value to your property.

The cost of building a sleep out for accommodation will come down to complexity, the more complex the more it costs, the more detailed jobs we only undertake as turnkey builds, mostly but not limited to the Tauranga Bay of plenty area.

Kitsets are available but we try to keep these to simple layouts with standard rooms like an office, a hobby room, lunchroom or a toilet and shower. 

The councils’ requirements for the proposed sleepout can affect the overall cost, if a kitchen with a stove is installed things can get out of hand with regulations and building requirements, compared to a far less complicated rout of having an office and a hobby room with a sink. 

If you work from home and need a kitset studio or office, call us to discuss your requirements, we have a few options that may work for you. Our real good kitset sheds make a strong sleepout, studio or cottage and will add extra value to your property and improve your lifestyle.

NZ made sleep outs & studios.