Sleepouts add value to your property

The cost off building a sleep out will vary depending on the specification required. We can provide a kit set with a frame ready to fix jib board to, or for a low cost solution we use standard girt’s and purlins as we would on a typical shed and install nogs between them to fix the jib board to.

The councils requirements for the proposed sleepout can affect the overall cost e.g.more is required if a kitchen with a stove is installed, compared to a sink and toasted sandwich maker.

A kit set shed can easily be used as a sleepout or it could be used as a studio or office if you work from home. Maybe for an extra source of income you could rent out a spare room.

Quality studio cottages

Built strong and weather proof a sleepout, studio or cottage will add extra value to your property.

NZ made sleep outs & studios