Shed Builders

Manufacturer & builder of garages sheds & barns

Kitset Sheds Ltd are specialized turnkey shed builders, the Tauranga and bay of plenty region is our main supply and build area, although we also have builders in other parts of the country who sell and build our kitsets, we have experienced specialized shed builders who have a good understanding of a variety of shed building techniques, this ensures a building with a high-quality finish and saves you time and money.

With 18 years building sheds alongside our lead builder with many years of experience in the commercial and residential building industry, our team combined have a sound understanding of the construction industry. With this experience our system has evolved, along with proven building techniques that are complementary to our design, if you purchase one of our kitset’s you will find our simple to understand drawings and installation manual a pleasure, all created with the intentions of a high standard, cost-effective, mistake free build.

Shed builders with a high standard

Our team understand that it is satisfied customers that sell more sheds so it’s in everyone’s best interest to deliver the best possible service. 

Our builders prepare and box the concrete slab they are about to work on, so they know it’s best to get it right or it can cost them time and extra effort right through to the completion of the build. We always use professional concrete layers to place the concrete. They are highly experienced and place concrete on a daily basis this is like insurance so that your finished floor is up to the best possible standard and as per plan.

A team will be on site constructing your shed as soon as the concrete is ready and will remain on your job until the shed is finished. They always complete the job to the fastest possible time frame to our usual high standard.

Kitset Sheds Ltd – Shed manufacturer and builders of quality kit sheds.