Shed and garage foundations.

Similar to a keel on a yacht the foundation of your shed is essentially what keeps the building standing and intact when battling with the forces of mother nature. The extra cost of using more concrete is almost nothing compared to the actual cost of the building and its content.

Every building we sell has its own set of drawings specifically designed for your shed and its specific location on your property. These drawings are very simple to read, so concrete contractors are able to complete that part of the project without any outside assistance.

Simple, solid and fast to install.

Here is an example of a real good shed’s foundation design, the shed slab would have a 100mm 20-25 MPa flat concrete surface, with a 200 x 300 perimeter footing, this might increase to 600mm deep depending on ground condition, your shed will have pads below each portal or upright, the size of these pads range from 450mm to 800mm square for large shed sometimes more.

Foundation plans that are simple to read