Quaker Barns

NZ made quaker barns for sale.

Quaker barn or Dutch gambrel

Quaker barns have a gambrel roof design, and they are more suitable for upstairs accommodation, offices, or storage than an American barn the portal frame design is strong and cost effective compared to timber.

We can put a mezzanine floor in or leave it out; we can add lean-tos to the sides or have covered and uncovered balconies on the end walls.

The Quaker style barn is a proven simple design and when it has a mezzanine floor the floor area is almost doubled making it a great looking large building with a small footprint.

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The quaker has many uses here are some ideas.

  • Workshop with offices
  • Mezzanine
  • Storage and offices
  • Car garaging games room

We supply quality quaker barn kit sets.