Designed for your location and property.

We have independent engineers prepare our structural designs, they possess a great depth of knowledge and experience in the industry and are leading designers of rural, residential, commercial and public buildings. We have had a strong working relationship since 2009 and continue to develop our building system to make our buildings stronger and more cost effective.

Site specific designs independently engineered.

We supply easy to understand building plans with site-specific engineering calculations a producer statement and support documents, all specifically prepared for your building and its proposed site. We get things right at the start to make obtaining building consent straight forward, because all site-specific factors are considered during in the design process, council consent processing fees are kept to a minimum saving you money.

  • Site Specific
  • Custom Designs
  • Independant Engineers
  • PS1 Producer Statements
  • Simple Drawings

We get our ducks in a row to save you money.