FAQ’s About Our Sheds

Q: Do you build as well as supply kits?

A: Yes we do. We can build and supply. We can also do earth works and site prep or we can supply just the kit for you to erect yourself

Q: How long will it take to complete the project?

A: After receiving a deposit we need around 7-10 working days to prepare a producer statement and plans to submit to council. The consent process will take 20 working days if there isn’t any hold ups. The kit can then be manufactured taking approx 10 working days. Concrete is the next step which usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the size. The shed can then be erected and again this depends on the size of the building anywhere from two weeks for a smaller shed to 6-8 weeks for a larger commercial building.

Q: How difficult is it to build one of your shed?

A: It’s easy! if you have building or engineering skills and basic understanding of building common sense and aren’t afraid of heights or a bit of exercise you will find our plans builder friendly and easy to understand

Q: Why are your sheds better than others?

A: Our lead builders have been in the commercial building industry for over 25 years and the whole system has been designed and created by a contract shed builder with first hand experience of over 10 years up the ladder and on the roof. The result is a competitive price, stronger better looking sheds that have simple plans and go up fast

Q: How thick is your cladding, framing material and brackets?

A: We only discount on price not materials. Some of the larger franchisees have massive overheads and have to trim everything that includes thicknesses of materials to actually make money. We build real quality sheds, use 0.4mm cladding, 0.5mm for the flashings, the brackets range from 3mm G450 Z450 plate upwards and we use a minimum of 18 gauge for the main portal frames. This ensures a rock solid building that won’t rattle or wobble on a windy day.

We build and supply quality NZ made sheds