Premium Quality

Kitset Sheds Ltd pride ourselves for using premium quality components, the cladding and framing material used in our sheds has been proven to be the best, its produced by NZ Steel and gets roll formed at Steel & Tubes branches throughout New Zealand.

They started roll forming roofing products decades ago and their products have evolved ever since. They produce the strongest purlin material and the best cladding and rib designs in New Zealand.

The best quality components!

The brackets we use are grade G450 with heavy Z450 galvanized coating they are laser cut and CNC folded to produce perfectly identical components.

Flashing’s and barges are designed for look, strength and practicality, made by computer folding machines for accurate folds incorporating a few crush folded edges making them look very straight and well made.

The bolts and screws are supplied by Konnect formally Hylton Parker, leaders in fixing products. We use their tek screws for two reasons: every screw is sharp, and the painted screws have an extremely tough, high quality paint coating. Alternative suppliers’ cheaper screws sustain paint damage when they are installed and begin to deteriorate from day one.

Quality Components from NZ s Best Suppliers