Color Chart

NZ Steels Color Chart

Color & Zincalume

Whether it’s in the country in a commercial or residential area the wide color selection provided by NZ steel Colorsteel Endura range allows you to choose the most suitable combination of colors and shades for your individual environment.

However, if cost is your main priority, we can supply commercial and rural sheds in Zincalume which is more cost effective.

Colors to fit your landscape.

In the residential and lifestyle zones the color of your shed is important, you can easily make your shed stand out or blend into the environment with the help from the color steel range. The color of your shed can be complimented with a combination of different colors for the flashings and doors etc. We are happy to discuss your options and provide samples of our color range to help make the best choice.

We use genuine colorsteel Endura and colorsteel max which is the highest quality color steel available starting with a base metal thickness of .04 it is warranted by Steel and tubes Warranty Plus.

New Zealand made color steel sheds.