Building Process

The shed building processes.

The building process begins with obtaining a quote. It is really important that the building quoted matches your requirements and is suitable for your needs. We recommend that you discuss what you will be using the building for with us first, as we may be able to offer ideas or solutions that you had not considered. Once you have a design locked down and we have agreed on a price, a contract and a purchase agreement are signed which have both parties interest in mind. After a deposit is received, we will produce a set of plans and a producer statement with engineering calculations unique to your building and your property, we also include a package of relevant supporting documents to submit to the council with your building consent application.

Your building consent application will need to comply with local body zoning regulations eg. the intended use, the height, the building to land ratio distance to boundaries all need consideration. Wastewater and storm water disposal must be installed by certified professionals so it’s a good idea to talk to someone before submitting the consent application, Power, phone, access to the site also need to be considered.

The building consent application needs to include a scaled site plan showing the position of the building showing all of the intended services. drawings from the plumber/drainlayer and electrical professionals are advised if you want a trouble-free run with the council consent process.

We make it easy right to the end.

We provide a producer statement with structural calculations, drawings and all documentation required by the council that relates to the building. The council’s fee for building consent will vary between councils and the complexity and size of the building, you could expect between $2800 – $3800 for a typical residential or rural storage shed. Councils will take 20 working days to process building consent applications.

Once building consent is granted, we can commence manufacture of your building and once this is ready it will be delivered to the site. Simultaneously the concrete foundations and slab work can begin and the construction for the building can follow. Finally, once the building is complete, Code of compliance can be signed off if all other inspections and consent requirements e.g.  storm water, waste and plumbing are connected and working.

We can supply, build and manage your entire project or do it yourself and save money.