American Barns

American style barns look great!

American barns certainly look good although sometimes the purpose that people intend to use them for doesn’t quite suit. Inside the building are internal portal legs that can be quite restricting so open floor space is minimal.

Kitset Sheds Ltd has the answer :

Our American barns can be up graded to a great system that doesn’t require internal portal legs or knee braces. This completely transforms an American barn into a workshop that makes a statement inside and out.

Our American barns

Our American barns have a main roof pitch of 22 degrees and 9 or 12 degree on the side roofs.

When you are looking for a building for your rural or lifestyle block, American style barns and Heritage barns are a great option.

NZ made American Barns

Things people use American barns for

  • Pony stables
  • Workshops
  • Storage
  • Car storage
  • Horse stables
  • Outhouses
  • Houses
  • Accommodation