Accessories and added extra’s

Better user friendly sheds

All of our buildings can be custom built from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more bay sheds, customization varies to different degrees we can add a lean to or mezzanine floor, install a partitioning wall or add some office space with a shower and toilet.

Usually adding some of the more standard accessories like doors and windows and arranging them to suit your personal requirements is all it takes. 

Roller doors are built well, every door has grease free running strips, a rubber weather strip to seal along the rebate and a secure lock set for security.

Pa doors are also from NZ’s top commercial door manufacturer. They have timber and high-density foam core with an extruded aluminum frame a very nice solid door with expensive heavy duty commercial hinges and quality lock sets.

Aluminum joinery is high quality and is always ordered to sizes that correspond to the cladding ribs.

Roller Door Sizes
Our standard heights are: 2.1,  2.4,  2.8,  3.1,  3.5,  3.8,  4.3,  4.6,  4.8
Our standard widths are: 2.4,  2.6,  2.8,  3.0,  3.2,  3.4,  3.6,  3.8,  4.0,  4.2, 4.8
Aluminum Joinery
Our standard window heights are: 0.9 m. 
Our standard window widths are: 0.76 -1.55- 1.75- 2.3 m.
Our standard Ranch sliders are 2.0 high and 2.3 wide.

There are lots of things you can add to a shed to make it better suit your situation, water tanks, power, automatic door openers the list goes on, that’s why planning is key.