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Kitset sheds garages and barns

Kitset Sheds Tauranga builders and suppliers of NZ made kitset sheds and garages, from farm sheds to custom built industrial sheds.

Our buildings are truly the highest quality sheds for sale at the best price NZ wide.
They look smart, have superior weather tightness and are designed and built for New Zealand’s extreme condition.


We design and manufacture sheds with eave heights ranging from 2.4 – 6.0 meters and spans of up to 28 meters, our shed dimensions increase in suitable increments that correspond with the cladding profile ribs, this is to minimize wasted material but most importantly achieve a real nice-looking shed, we can build to an exact size give or take 200mm if you require. With our flexible design capabilities and proven administration processes we are able to supply complete kits which are suitable for building in most locations throughout NZ.

If you want to have an enjoyable building experience, choose us we only use experienced people who pay attention to detail we will manage your project with realistic timelines, and promise you a high standard, trouble free project finished on time.

We can manage your entire project starting from the council permits, excavation and preparation of the building platform to laying the concrete and erecting the building. Or we can supply you with a complete kitset so you can build it yourself.

Kitset farm buildings tailored to suit you

Our buildings are custom designed for your needs, we do not have a fixed range of sheds for sale, our system is very flexible which enables the building to suit your property and intended purpose precisely without compromising on quality.

Our buildings are suitable for a range of purposes including

  • Rural Shed
  • Horse Stables
  • Machinery Workshop
  • Commercial Shed
  • Industrial shed
  • Horticultural Building
  • Tractor Covers
  • Animal Shelter
  • Pack House
  • Hay Barns
  • Car Garages
  • Barn
  • Implement Shed
  • Implement Cover
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • American Barns

Call us or go to the price enquiry page to obtain an easy as DIY free estimate / quote.

What sets us apart?

We don’t belong to a large franchise with huge overheads, so we are able to invest your money into high quality materials from New Zealand’s leading suppliers.

Our pricing is competitive with the no frills high volume shed franchises because we have less people involved from start to the finish, we typically don’t farm work out to subcontractors, which ultimately gives us full control of your project, workmanship and the timeframes.

We use independent engineers to design our buildings with exceptionally high structural criteria for your specific property and building requirements.


A buildings ability to stand through extremely high wind and earthquakes come down to the foundations.

After the recent earthquakes in Christchurch the building code has been reviewed and amended post Christchurch engineering requirement of the foundations have increased footing, pad and pile sizes and more reinforcing is required.

An example of our typical design Kitset Sheds would use a 100mm 20-25 MPa concrete slab with a 200 x 300 – 600 deep perimeter footing it would have pads or the piles below each portal or upright, Typically a pile for a cast in bracket would have a 450mm diameter hole 2.0m deep usually with a 550mm square cap, the pile is the most important structural element of a building kitset sheds deep piles combined with cast in base connections ensures a seriously solid building, .


Ultimate quality components for durability and an outstanding finish are key part of the Kitset Sheds brand.

We use cast in base plates or heavy angle brackets bolted to the floor to secure the building, this combined with our bolted and screwed 2 piece knee brackets which envelope the knee joint, this means we don’t require a horrible knee brace under the rafter restricting usable space. We do however use an apex brace to lock both rafters together making a very solid unit.

We use NZ steels Galvanized structural components and genuine colorsteel roofing products distributed through Steel and Tube. Most but not all flashings have crush folds for strength and looks, wet components e.g. gutters and flashings are made from colorsteel MAXAM, with components like aprons and ridge caps we only use the best, Flash guard soft edge with its sticky rubber underside it conforms to the roofing profile perfectly, unlike the cheaper aluminum strip edge flashings that you get with your cheap sheds, the extra cost of high end components is minimal in the scheme of things although they make a big deference overall.


We are very proud of the quality of the components and the design of our buildings, so it is essential that the craftsmanship is to a professional standard also.

The main objective is to ensure the final product meets our standards being ultimate quality.
We do our best to keep the building work in house, and only use subcontractors for specialized work eg placing concrete.

Another important factor in the process is having the best equipment at hand, from laser equipped excavators for accurate and efficient earthmoving, to compactors, concrete cutters, scaffolding and every other tool or piece of equipment that is required, this allows us to have complete control over the quality, flow and time frames of the entire shed building project. We want you to be proud of your investment, it’s an asset not just a shed, a real good shed will certainly increase the value of your property and impress your friends, every building that we construct is up to a showroom standard guaranteed.


Made to last and look outstanding

We use NZ Steel products made right here in New Zealand Genuine 0.4mm btm Colorsteel Maxam for the roof, walls and wet products like flashings and gutters. all components and material are top quality

Structures that are stronger in every way

Steel and tube roll forming machines create the ultimate shaped swages and re curved lips into their galvanized C sections, because of its superior strength we use this product to make our pre punched portal frames. The majority of shed companies use Metalcraft industries for their roll formed products as they are cheaper. Some are using folding machines to fold flat back C sections in house these are no way near as strong as roll formed products and are even cheaper again.

Logistics and delivery of your kit

Steel and tube manufacture and supply their product nationwide our kitsets are dispatched to the most part from the closest S&T branch to you. If your building is transported long distances it is more likely to arrive with damage be late or have components missing, the implications can be frustrating and costly. Coordinating the delivery of framing, cladding, bolts, screws, brackets and, doors etc from different suppliers needs to be orchestrated well, our personal touch insures you get everything on time and undamaged.

Trust service and accountability

We are independently owned and operated here in New Zealand.
For over 18 years we have been either up the ladder or in the office designing adjusting and enhancing a system that delivers happy customers every time. You can trust us to deliver an enjoyable trouble-free experience throughout your project from start to finish.

Ultimate value

Ultimate value is getting a supreme product and service for the same or similar price.
Kitset Sheds Ltd does all of that and more – Email us a quote from other NZ shed builders
Then by comparing apples for apples we can do our best to match it or beat it.
Remember if you really want to increase the value of your property you should stop and consider what you are actually about to purchase and not only the price.